We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the utmost care and attention.  Here is a sampling of what some of our patients are saying...


"If Dr. Lee moved her practice, I would drive two counties away to continue with her. She really is that good! She makes dentistry seem, dare I say, pleasant."
Glen N.

"I have been going to APEX for a number of years. They are always thorough and my teeth are in great shape because of them."
Greg O

"We live in Fremont, CA but we will never change our dentist only because my entire family loves Dr. Lai Fong Lee. She is the best dentist ever. The dentist does all the cleaning and the work. She is very thorough and ensures that she is doing a real cleaning."

Desiree R.

"Its rare you'd find someone loving their dentist but honest to goodness this place is so efficient and svs orientated I dont mind coming here twice a year to get my cleaning."
Randi K.